Marketing that
delivers results.

Unlike many agencies, we don’t just focus on growing followers, engagement or any other vanity metric. We focus on increasing conversions, whatever it’s a sale, download or lead, period.

What are we
able to do?

We have experience in all parts of the process, from setting up the right server
for optimal load speed, optimising your landing page or optimising your ad campaign.

Performance is
in our core

We take away all the other parts of marketing
and just focus on increasing your conversion rate and
number of conversions, so you only pay when your business grow.

We are experts
in many traffic

We can help you scale your campaigns by advertising on more traffic sources than the usual ones, so your business grow faster.

  • Facebook Ads.
  • Twitter Ads.
  • Google AdWords.
  • Mobile Adversting
  • Native Ads

We are experts
in many traffic

With so many different ways today to find information online, it can sometimes be hard to know where to go to

  • Facebook Ads.
  • Twitter Ads.
  • Google AdWords.
  • Mobile Adversting
  • Native Ads

100% Quality Traffic

We always ensure that all the advertising campaigns we create and manage send quality traffic and leads to your website, so your customer LTV is optimum.

Meet the Team

The Awesome Team behind many Successful Marketing Campaigns.

Joaquin Joya

Creative Director

Mauro Sicard


Saul Miranda

Web Developer

What our clients says about us

Don’t take our word for it.
Read our clients opinions about our services.

Very fast results and Mauro
kept me updated of each milestone
along the way!
Totally recommended.

Josh Pucket

Unlike many other agencies,
QUARK deliver results. From
start to end they always focused
on helping increase my sales.

David Simmons

Mauro is an awesome marketer.
Always data-driven focused
in order to deliver great results.
Highly recommend him.

Beatrice Reid